Club Contacts and Information

Please feel free to contact one of our officers if you have an interest in the club, an upcoming event or a question about Pontiac and GTO's.

Meet the Officers and Staff

Michelle Garcia – Club President

As President of the Land Of Enchantment GTO's club, Michelle isresponsible for providing leadership and direction to the club's activities.These activities include charitable events, car shows, meetings and other important events. Her vast experience in the automotive industry makes her the go to gal for the technical questions that arise.

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Shawn Earle – Club Vice President

As Vice President, Shawn acts as a backup to the Preident. Shawn fills in when the President is unable to make a meeting or club event. As a club officer he also helps steer the club by sitting on the club's Board of Directors and assisting in the crafting of club By-Laws and rules.

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Yvette Maldonado – Club Treasurer

As the Club's Treasurer, Yvette manages the club's financial business and monitoring the club's accounts to ensure that the club stays in the black.

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Tyler Earle – Club Secretary

As Club Secretary, Tyler keeps track of the club's membership roster and provides the GTOAA with an accounting of active club members and their GTOAA membership status..

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Club Meetings

The club meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm. We have been meeting at popular eateries around town, please contact us to find out where we'll be meeting.