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Welcome to the Land Of Enchantment GTO's (LOEGTOS) website! This site highlights some of the club's activities, members and, of course, our cars.

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Brew Lab Car Show Oct. 3rd

Jessi Combs 1980-2019

As many of you might have heard we lost the young and talented Jessi Combs due to an accident she had while trying to set a new land speed record.

Jessi was a co-host on a number of car shows that appear during the weeknd power bock series. She was an accomplished gear-head and wrench turner and proved she could do as well or better whatever the guys could do.

Paul Revere And the Raiders

In tribute to the late Paul Revere who passed away recently:

History of the GTO

Please watch this video for a quick introduction into the history of the Pontiac GTO. Turn up the volume on your speakers and enjoy!


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